Unleash the Power of Your Brand

Are you ready to lead the pack but uncertain which path to take?

At BISCUIT SAMOYED Agency, we offer clear pathways for your brand’s ascent. Choose from our monthly tiers: Tundra, Forest, or Peak. Each tier is designed with you, the savvy pack leader, in mind. Make your choice, and then let us handle the branding battleground while you conquer the business wilderness.


Get your brand started


What you get:

  • Basic Brand Analysis: Initial review of your current brand status
  • Branding Basics: Creation of primary logo, selection of one font, and basic color palette
  • Brand Guidelines Lite: A simple guide outlining the proper use of the logo, fonts, and color palette
  • Website Landing Page Design: A captivating landing page tailored to your brand
  • Content Strategy Blueprint: Guidance on creating content that resonates with your target audience
  • Social Media Strategy: Recommendations on platform usage and post frequency
  • Monthly Check-in: One 15-minute consultation call per month to guide your branding journey


Grow your brand


What you get:

  • Comprehensive Brand Audit: Dive deep into the intricacies of your brand
  • Advanced Branding: Logo suite (primary, secondary, and submark), full color palette, and typography guidance
  • Brand Guidelines Standard: Detailed manual that includes logo usage, typography, color palettes, and image guidelines
  • Responsive Website Design: Up to 5 pages with an integrated blog and SEO optimization
  • Content Masterplan: Content strategy, including blog topics and keyword planning
  • Social Media Growth: Profile setup for up to three platforms with three posts per profile per month
  • Bi-monthly Strategy Sessions: Two 30-minute consultation calls per month to refine and advance your brand’s strategy


Take over the world


What you get:

  • Full-Scale Brand Strategy Development: Comprehensive brand development from scratch or revamp
  • Complete Brand Overhaul: Comprehensive logo suite, color palette, typography, brand story, and vision, mission, and values statement creation
  • Brand Guidelines Premium: Comprehensive and fully customized guidebook that covers logo usage, typography, color palettes, image guidelines, messaging tone, and application examples across various media
  • Dynamic Website Design: Unlimited pages with advanced features, e-commerce integration, and user experience design
  • Content Empire: Advanced content strategy with monthly blog posts, keyword research
  • Social Media Domination: Full setup and three posts per week per platform
  • Photo & Video Production: One professional photo shoot and one branded video production quarterly
  • Weekly Strategy Sessions: Weekly 30-minute calls to ensure alignment and capitalize on opportunities
  • Dedicated Account Manager: A single point of contact for seamless communication and priority support

join the winning pack

Are you tired of blending into the wilderness of the market? Crave a pack that doesn’t just follow, but fiercely leads? At Biscuit Samoyed Agency, we are that pack. We’re relentless, savvy, and we live for the hunt.

Our experienced team becomes an extension of your own—your pack. We run beside you, nose to the wind, sensing opportunities and seizing them with razor-sharp strategies. We don’t just craft brands; we forge legends. With us, you’re not getting another service provider; you’re gaining a relentless partner, dedicated to making your brand howl above the rest.

Choose Biscuit Samoyed, and watch the competition whimper.

Please note: all our monthly plans come with a minimum 2-year commitment.